Will you deliver/mail me bread?

I'm currently thinking through how to handle getting bread to people who don't find themselves in the Sunnyvale area that frequently.  The solution is going to require critical mass of bread lovers in an area- so start thinking about other people in your area that you can convince to join us.

I am only legally allowed to make direct sales, inside of California, or indirect sales through someone else approved by the state of CA to sell food.  So if that doesn't apply to you, you will have to visit to get bread. Or, you know, find a local baker in your area to support. :D

What happened to the *insert item here*?

I have 70 different things that I'm approved to make and sell.  This business only really makes sense at a certain volume, so I rotate things in and out to keep myself sane.  If there is something that I made before that you really really want, contact me and maybe we can figure something out

Can you make gluten free things?

Not in a way that I'd feel comfortable with. I really really don't want anyone to be made unwell by my baked goods, and a lot of flour gets swooshed around my kitchen each week.  Switching from gluten-y baking to gluten free baking requires a thorough cleaning of my kitchen- something I can't schedule easily on a day when I'm baking a ton of things! Because of this, I haven't submitted any gluten free items to the health department, so all I can do is send you recipes or point to other bakeries that might help you. 

Will you teach me to bake bread?

Sure! I love showing off, er, helping people learn! I'm not really a pro, but I know enough to get you started. Contact me and tell me what you want to do.

I'm vegan, what do you make that I can have?

Many of the breads are vegan, and I'm currently using Zulka Morena Sugar.  Many of my preserves have no added pectin, but when I do, I use Pomona's Pectin.  My default pie crust is half butter, half shortening, but if you contact me, I can possibly make some all-shortening crusts for you.  I've attempted to categorize the relevant items, but I may have missed something, so please ask if you think something is missing or wrong.

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